Musical Theatre


Our Musical Theatre Classes combine singing, dancing and acting.  The skills used in this class are in line with West End Shows and prepare children with techniques needed should they desire to perform in productions requiring a “triple threat” skill.

We aim to enhance the student's talents and confidence, to encourage them to step outside of their comfort zone enabling them to access skills and talents they didn't know were possible.

This class is led by a West End performer who has great insight into what is required in becoming a strong all-round performer. 


                Commercial Jazz


Commercial Jazz is a fun and fast-paced form of dance which can be seen in music videos, concerts, television, and musical theatre.

It involves a fusion of strong, sharp and classical, smooth movements, popping, locking, and all forms of dance pulled together creating exciting pieces of choreography.

Students will learn stylish and challenging routines which will build confidence, stamina and the ability to pick up routines in a fun, action-packed class.


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